Forget about Netflix and chill. When we need a respite from the cold, harsh elements outside, the bathtub is the place to be. The warm water can make us forget about lengthy to-do lists, looming deadlines and frigid temperatures, especially if we have a good book and music playing softly in the background. While a foaming bubble bath will almost never let us down, a bath oil can upgrade the entire experience to spa-like levels.

Bath oils are a welcome addition to the tub on the dark days of winter when central heating and arctic temperatures have left our skin flaky and dry. A few drops of a rich bath oil will turn the water into a fragrant pool that nourishes parched skin without leaving behind a greasy coating. Not to mention pretty colors that rival a bath bomb and a soft, relaxing scent. After a few minutes of soaking, troubles (and dry skin) can seem very far away.

Benefits of Using Bath Oils

Bath Oils are not just an old tradition but also have extravagance and health benefits involved with them. Even in case of parched skin bath oils are advantageous. The practice of using bath oils with water has also been scientifically proven to be healthy for our body.

When oil is mixed with water it can penetrate our skin and provide a comforting effect. Bath Oils rejuvenates the nerves within our skin and improves the muscular conditions. It also augments the natural beauty and keeps your skin radiant and healthy.

Benefits of bath oils

The benefits of bath oils are many, but only some popular benefits are listed below:

  • It has been claimed that the practice of using bath oils regularly prevents cancer. Although there is no substantial research to prove it still it is claimed that bath oils are beneficial for this purpose.
  • Bath oils are beneficial in improving the immunity of human body. Using bath oils regularly builds stronger immunity to the viral and bacterial infections. It also keeps our skin immune to problems.
  • These oils are also helpful in improving the blood circulation of our body. Applying oils regularly during or before our bath dilates the blood vessels of our body.
  • Reduces the stiffness and fatigue in joints and increases the motion of the joints.
  • A direct benefit of using bath oils is resulting in a healthy and glowing skin. Oils can keep collagen within our skin and hence it results in younger and fresher looking skin.

Few popular types of bath oils are:

  • Lavender: The anti-inflammatory and antiseptic property of lavender is beneficial. The calming properties make lavender the best ingredient which can be used for bath oil. It is a natural treatment for insomnia. It helps to heal the damaged and irritated skin.
  • Sandalwood/Rosewood: Sandalwood is famous for its unique fragrance. It enhances the fragrance when used as a bath oil. It has a soothing effect on our body and fights with depression and anxiety. The calming property and the fragrance is a boon.
  • Rose: Rose oil is the best bath oil. The soothing effect of the oil uplifts the body. It helps the body to deal with anxiety, nervous tension or depression. All skin types can use rose oil. Specially, people with dry skin must use rose oil to keep their skin healthy and moisturized.
  • Tea Tree: Tea tree is also excellent bath oil since it has lots of benefits. The antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-fungal property of tea tree keeps the skin immune to diseases.
  • Frankincense: Frankincense is popular for its incredible aroma. A bath with frankincense oil is a pleasure. This oil is also helpful in improving the health of your muscles and bones. The unique aroma and the added benefits of the oil make it the best.

Apart from the above-listed bath oils, sesame oils, mustard oil, coconut oil, olive oil are also some of the best oils for rejuvenation of your skin. So the next time you take a bath make sure you use bath oil which suits you best. You would be mesmerized to know the positive effects of using few drops of oil in your bathing water.

Therefore, even if you hate using bath oils still use them for, they have a magical effect on your skin. Transform your bath into a healthy experience by using bath oils. You not only get a glowing skin but also you are also protected from diseases. So, what are we waiting for? Look for the best bath oil and use it regularly.