When your body is accustomed to doing things the way you always have, you may not find a reason why would you want to switch up your routine. But once you compare the benefits of natural products and cosmetic products to the way things used to be done, however, you'll see why you would want to adopt a new, natural lifestyle with health and beauty products that can help you look and feel great.

Ask yourself this: Is your skin smooth and firm? Does it give off a healthy glow? Does your body feel relax? If the answer to any of those questions is no, maybe it’s time to consider a body treatment.Whether you’re being wrapped in mud or massaged with a revitalizing scrub, these soothing treatments don’t simply feel good but more, they offer health and beauty benefits and give you a chance to let out a much-needed ahhh—something we all need from time to time.

Benefits of Body Care

Body Scrub 

This treatment is all about exfoliation. Your therapist will vigorously rub you from your shoulders down to your feet (speak up if you’d like her to skip a certain area, like your stomach) with a grainy mixture, often including ingredients like sugar, salt or coffee grounds, which slough off dead skin. The friction also helps improve circulation and leaves you feeling energized. Most body scrubs end with a short massage that includes moisturizing oils, butter or creams that can penetrate more deeply after the exfoliation has done its work.

Body Mask

 Just like a facial mask, a body mask is a thick paste or cream made from minerals, plants, fruits and other natural elements (think: clay or mud) that detoxify and firms your skin by drawing out impurities and absorbing excess oil. It’s generously applied all over your body and left to dry for about 20 to 30 minutes. The mask you choose may feature ingredients designed to address specific concerns; for instance, caffeine, which can increase circulation and reduce the appearance of cellulite, may be added to a body mask. Or a treatment might include alpha hydroxy acids, which aid in repairing sun damage and combating the signs of aging.


The health benefits of massage are many, from improving circulation and lymphatic drainage to easing pain and reducing stress. You’re likely to find that a massage will enable you to relax and let go as your therapist works to soothe your muscles and address any specific concerns you’ve shared. There’s no shortage of different types of massage: Keep in mind a relaxation massage like the Ultimate Unwinder (Swedish) is much different that the Elemis Athletic Rub, which is much deeper of a massage. A reservationist can assist you with concerns upon booking.

Long-term Results


When you eliminate toxins and synthetic chemicals from your routine, your skin will start to respond to the natural nutrients you are supplying. Think of the amazing benefits of (L) lactic acid, derived from natural glucose versus a chemical based formaldehyde glycolic acid. Both are considered alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), but one is derived organically and naturally. Your skin reacts to the natural ingredients in a much better way, offering you immediate and long-term results. The Fruit Fiesta Peel contains a potent 7% lactic acid (L) that exfoliates, helps balance skin’s pH, and reducestrans epidermal water loss. It also reduces wrinkles and pigmentation discoloration, creating smoother skin with improved texture.


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The biggest benefit of using natural skin care is healthy, balanced skin, hair, & body.We strive to set the highest standards and lead the way in providing nontoxic, safe, and highly effective natural skin care.We hope you enjoy moisturized skin throughout the season with whichever option you choose. Your skin deserves the very best, especially during these colder months. We wish your skin a warm and cozy Holiday season!