Gorgeous Woman’s 5 Must-Do Summer Skin Care Tips –

Hey There! Summer season is back – Khadi Natural is here to solve all your summer skin care woes and help you with some cool and amazing tips that goes beyond the usual “SPF sunscreen” use. From fresh ripe mangoes to floral dresses and sunglasses, it’s the perfect time of the year to get smart about summer skin care!

The sun is shining brighter, due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation that ‘school’s out’ feeling is not in the air anymore as we spend most of the time staying indoors and many of us are not able to be at the beach because of the ongoing lockdowns.

Summer earlier meant spending plenty of time outdoors but this year it’s different. In today’s time as we enjoy summer staying inside and taking care of our health and immune system. It is similarly also important to take care of our skin, as summers can cause a lot of wreak havoc on our skin. Whether you’re sitting on your terrace and enjoying sun or whether you are going out to the local market, it’s always a good time for sun skin care protection.

The best summer beauty secrets tips can help your skin breathe and look your best while protecting your skin from sun and provide a radiant glow that will last all year.

Here are some 5 cool tips to protect your skin during summers:

1.Get wise about sun shielding

If you are a regular or a half-regular reader of our blogs, then probably by now you must have understood that we are talking about sunscreen/sunblock. Ultraviolet rays of the sun damage our skin and is also one of leading cause for various skin woes like dark spots, dryness and dullness. The skin loses its moisture and the elasticity of the skin gets damaged causing pimples, acne and breakouts. But when you apply sunscreen it blocks the sun rays from reaching your skin.

It’s very important to use the right sunscreen SPF lotion for a brighter and natural looking skin. Khadi Natural sunscreen lotion is lightweight and helps in maintaining the pH balance of the kin by retaining the skin moisture and keeping in natural and fresh.

How to use a sunscreen –

  1. Apply SPF at least 10 minutes before going out into the sun, so that the actives are absorbed into the skin, and are ready to shield you.
  2. Avoid going to the kitchen immediately after you apply SPF - the heat won't let the SPF get absorbed completely.

iii. Re-apply your SPF after every 4-6 hours so that the protection against the sun continues.

  1. Unveil your glow –

Toners are great for absorbing antioxidants and other important vitamins onto the skin. They are also great for maintaining the skin's pH balance after the harsh cleansing process. Since you are probably going to wash your face more in the summers than in winters (we recommend twice a day), a toner might be a good addition to your daily skin care regime. And then complete the care with a small amount of moisturizer. Khadi Natural Rose skin Toner and moisturizers helps in providing nourishment to the skin and is curated with ayurvedic and natural herbs to keeping your skin breathing.

  1. Water the essence of life

The best way to keep yourself hydrated during summers is by drinking plenty of water. It helps in providing a healthy-looking skin and is also better than caffeine, juices, and alcohol. As the intake of juices and other drinks may dehydrate us but water always helps in keeping us hydrated and keeps our skin soft and fresh.

  1. Pamper your tootsies

It’s time to be flip-flop-ready, so let’s not forget about summer skin care for feet! It’s important to remember that this hard-working area of the body can get sunburned too, so be sure to slather on the SPF liberally. Limit the amount of time you spend barefoot, since that encourages callus growth. Use a pumice stone on balls and heels of your feet regularly to keep calluses in check, and follow up with an emollient-rich cream, especially formulated for foot care. Your toes will feel and look so much better!

  1. Exfoliate for skin breathing

Summer skin care is all about getting and maintaining a natural, healthy glow, which is why exfoliating is an essential and wise step in your weekly routine. You’re shedding skin cells quickly and they just sit on top of your skin, causing it to look dry, dull, and blah. The best way to get rid of those dead skin cells is to exfoliate. No matter your skin type, use a gentle exfoliant that restores luster without causing damage. When exfoliating your face, use natural products from brand like Khadi Natural, Atulya Herbals which are perfectly designed with the use of herbs and natural ingredients to provide a perfect glowing skin.


So, this summer be sun ready and enjoy the coolness of the sun with these amazing skin care tips which will help in keeping your skin shinning like the sun.