Organic Powder Combo of 2 - Natural Henna + Indigo Powder

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Organic Natural Henna - 100% Natural

Organic Natural Henna offers strength and volume to hair while providing natural color, luster, and conditioning. It also has good cooling characteristics. Henna helps to balance the pH of the scalp, which aids in the treatment of scalp conditions such as dandruff, hair damage, and hair dye damage. Natural Henna also acts as a coolant when applied to the hands or feet, and thus has a variety of medicinal properties such as reducing stress, anxiety and headaches.

Organic Indigo Leaf Powder - 100% Natural

Organic Indigo Leaf Powder is a chemical-free hair powder that does not harm hair follicles in any way. It aids in the deposit of color on the hair outer surface and does not penetrate the hair shaft. Indigo powder gives your hair a natural color and nourishes your scalp.

Manufactured & Marketed By: Khadi Natural Healthcare

Product’s Country of Origin: India