Khadi Natural Herbal Hair Colour Black

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Khadi Natural Black 100% Natural Hair Color is 100% natural and ideal for people who want to color their hair in a rich black color organically. It's free of PPD, ammonia, peroxide, resorcinol, and parabens, among other dangerous ingredients. It's a natural herbal powder that not only dyes hair but also prevents dandruff and nourishes the scalp and hair, making it smooth and healthy. It works as a hair conditioner and promotes faster hair growth.


The larger the proportion of hair color in the mix, the darker the shade will be. The darker and richer the color will be if the paste is left to soak in longer. The color takes about 2 days to oxidize and reveal its actual tone. For healthy, thick and shiny black hair, repeat the process once a month. When utilizing natural products, bear in mind that each one reacts and colors your hair differently. Depending on hair type and condition, each person's results will be varied and unique.

Manufactured & Marketed By: Khadi Natural Healthcare

Product’s Country of Origin: India



Customer Reviews

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Anil Kumar
Disappointing Hair Color

Dear Sir,
Recently I purchased Khadi Natural Indigo Hair Color and Aloe Vera Conditioner from reputed store from Hyderabad, after getting email clarification from Khadi Natura.
To my shock and surprise, Khadi Natural Hair Color is not working. First i applied on 10th August. I was forced to apply again back to back days 12th and 13th August.
I followed the instructions as mentioned.
I did not use shampoo, I used Shikakai Powder for cleaning hair. While rinsing hair, i could see black color but it didn't color my grey hair.
On 12th August I have added Neeli Patti Powder to mixture but still in vain.

Please find attached photos.


Sridevi Ch

Khadi Natural Herbal Hair Colour Black

Usha Anand
Hair colour

Good product

Neeraj Ladna
Excellent organic product

Nice hair color!! free from all kind of harmful toxic chemicals
Khadi products are best

Rajendran Biravi
Wrong product was delivered

Hello sir, I ordered 2 quantity of herbal black hair colour product from khadi natural healthcare brand ,but you delivered us wrong product of brown herbal hair colour product and we received only one quantity. Kindly get your product back and return our money back.