Khadi Natural Herbal Heena Tulsi Extra Hair Conditioning Cleanser- SLS & Paraben Free

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Henna & Tulsi Extra Conditioning Hair Cleanser provides extra nourishment to hair & scalp, takes care of damaged hair, reduces hair fall, and rejuvenates dry and lifeless hair. Henna makes hair thicker and adds extra shine & volume, removes excessive oil from the scalp, and boosts hair growth. Tulsi protects hair from graying and its antibacterial property fights dandruff.



After washing hair with Khadi Natural Henna & Tulsi Extra conditioning Hair Cleanser, gently pat your wet hair with a towel to remove excess water and apply Khadi Natural Hair Serum to ensure your hair retains the moisture after a wash.

Purified Water, Reetha (Sapindus Mukurossi), Madhu (Honey), Henna(Heena), Tulsi(Ocimum) Bhringraj Ext (Eclipta Alba), Shikakai Ext (Acacia Concinna), Arnie Ext (Emblica Officinalis), Aloevera Ext (Aloe Barbadensis), Arnica Ext (Arnica Montana), Brahmi Ext (Bacopa Monieri), Soy Protein Ext (Hydrolyzed Soy Protein)
Apply the required quantity on wet hair, gently massage the hair and scalp for 2-3 minutes with lather. Rinse it well with cold water.