Khadi Natural Jasmine & Mongra Body Wash- SLS & Paraben Free

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Jasmine & Mogra Body Wash is a non greasy, moisturizing body wash that provides shower wash that nourishes and purifies the skin, its strong floral roma gives a Iong-lasting fragrance.Infused with a natural cleansing agent helps improve the skin's elasticity. This gentle SLS & paraben-free formula removes dirt & grime effectively without stripping the skin of natural oils.




After lathering Khadl Natural Jasmine & Mogra Body Wash over your body, rinse thouroughly with warm water. After taking shower, apply Khadl Natural Pure Jasmine Moisturizer immediately to lock in all possible moisture and make skin soft and glamorous all day long.

Purified Water, Aloe Vera Ext (Aloe Barbadensis), Jasmine Flower Ext (Jasminum Officinale), Mongra Flower Ext (Jasmine Sambac) Comfrey Ext (Symphytum Officinale), Ashwagandha Ext (Withania Somnifera), Green Tea Ext (Camellia Sinensis),Vitamin E
Apply To Wet Skin All Over The Body. Rub Into A Lather & Rinse. Use Daily If Desired.