Khadi Natural Neem & Aloe Vera Hair Conditioner - Paraben, Silicones, Sulphate, Color, Salt & Artificial Fragrance Free

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Product Type: Hair Conditioner

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Hydrating Neem & Aloe Vera Hair Conditioner is a wonderful combination that aids in hair conditioning, as well as good health and faster hair development. The hair are given more shine and smoothness, and the scalp is treated by removing dead cells from the surface, reducing dandruff and scalp itching.

Care Tips

On different hair types, the product may produce different results. Natural ingredients are used in this product, and it may change color and aroma without losing effectiveness. Even natural ingredients can trigger/cause allergies. A patch test is advised. Please seek medical advice if you have any rashes or allergies.

Manufactured & Marketed By: Khadi Natural Healthcare

Product’s Country of Origin: India