Khadi Natural Soap Combo (Strawberry Soap[1] + Mix Fruit Soap[1] + Apricot Scrub Soap[1] + Lemon Soap[1]) Set of 4

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Herbal Strawberry Soap have a great Strawberry scent and are made from mild glycerine , so your skin will feel silky smooth after using

Khadi Naturalâ„¢ Herbal Mix Fruit Soap have great fruit scent and made from mild glycerine such that your skin will feel smooth & silky after using. It has refreshing astrigent qualities which will give suprior conditioning & moisturizing lather.

Khadi Natural™ Herbal Apricot Scrub Soap carefully cleanses your skin and envelops you in the lush apricot aroma. To take care of the velvety softness of your skin day after day, we’ve enriched the soap with the valuable sweet almond oil.

Khadi Naturalâ„¢ Herbal Lemon Soap is mild, refreshing and cleansing.
Lemon oil is one of the best oils to refresh, cleanse and detoxify.
The scent is very subtle and natural.