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Organic Neem Leaf Powderserves as a good exfoliator for the skin and glorify the complexion of the skin, helpsin controlling fungal infection of the scalp like dandruff & rids of lice. Cures hair thinning, scalp itching, treats acne and pimple. Moisturize dry skin without making it oily. Reducesskin ailments psoriasis, eczema, and otherskin infections.

Organic Neem Leaf Powder is ready to suit both skin and hair needs. It can reduce hair fall and promote hair build-up. Removes the excessive greasiness and keeps the scalp hydrated. Neem's Leaf regenerative properties slow down the process of ageing and hold all skin problems at bay, such as acne breakouts, open pores, pimples, wrinkles, fine lines, dull skin.

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Volume 100g
Instruction of use (FOR HAIR) : Combine 2 tbsp of Neem Leaf powder, coconut oil, and 2-5 tbsp of water each. Prepare a paste mix well before use. Apply the mask on scalp and hair and leave it for 25-30 minutes. With running water, wash it off. Apply mild shampoo and wash it off again. Now dry your hair softly. (FOR SKIN) : Mix 2 tbsp of the Neem Leaf powder with 2-4 tbsp of the yogurt. Create a mask, place it in a glass jar and mix well before use. Apply the mask for 15 minutes on your face. With cold water, wash it off.
Ingredients 100% Organic Neem Leaf (Azadirachta indica) P owder
Brand Khadi Natural
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