Khadi Natural Rose Water Toner (Set of 2)

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Rose Water Skin Toner has been especially formulated with the goodness of Rose and other certified components like, Aloe Vera extracts etc. that are known to work absolute wonders for the skin. This rose water skin toner comes with a soothing effect and it helps heal stressed out skin and any kind of other skin irritations or infections. Helps protect the skin from the day to day damage and comes with a host of skin brightening benefits that helps reduce the appearance of marks, spots and blemishes effectively. It helps remove blackheads and works as a great cleanser that helps get rid off accumulated dirt, dust and impurities which prevents acnes, pimples and other breakouts.


After using Khadi Natural Rose Water Skin Toner you can choose to apply some Khadi Natural Rose Honey Moisturizer for best results.