Aloevera Face Wash With Scrub (SLS & Paraben Free)

Aloevera Face Wash With Scrub (SLS & Paraben Free) this facewash not only cleanses your skin effectively but also moisturises it leaving it soft & smooth.

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Delivery Information

Delivery in 3 business days within Delhi(Delivery time may vary on shipping address)

Delivery in 5-6 business days within India(Delivery time may vary on shipping address)


Aloe vera Face Wash With Scrub (SLS & Paraben Free) this facewash not only cleanses your skin effectively but also moisturises it leaving it soft & smooth.

The wonderful ingredients pamper your skin even while removing all the dead skin cells

And impurities that accumulate on the skin due to exposure to pollution.

Additional Info

By Ingredients: Aloevera

By Benefits: Exfoliator

By Skin/Hair Type: For All Types

Volume: 210ml

Instruction of use: Moisten face, apply a small quantity of FACE wash & gently work up lather with circular motion. Wash off & pat dry.

Ingredients: Aqua, Ananas comosus (pineapple), Seaweed Extract, Purified Water, Aloevera Ext (Aloe Barbadensis), Aloevera Gel (Aloe Barbadensis Gel), Rose Extract (Rosa Damascena), Apricot & Walnut Exflaoting Scrub (Juglans Regia), Rice Bran (Oryza Sativa), Neem Ext (Azadirachta Indica), Seaweed Ext (Fucus Vesiculosus), Licorice (Glycyrrhiza Glabra), Saffron Ext (Crocus Sativus)

HSN: 30049011

Customer Reviews


nice face wash, for oily skin and excellent performance It gives your skin an instant glow




The product is superb jus anyone can go for it


Firstly ,
I want to tell you that I am a big fan of Khadi Natural.. They have perfect balance of natural with science by profession i am a doctor i hardly believe in any product but this was my perfect choice it makes my skin so young make me fresh with natural glow on face & its particle do not break the skin & i use it on daily basis it is a best product for me..


After trying out the mild Herbal face wash by Khadi Natural, when I tried this product l, I felt that this product gives a very radiant appearance to your face after the 1st application. I tried using it on a regular basis, but due to the fact that my skin is sorta sensitive, the scrub particles in the facewash kinda broke those (sensitive) areas out of my skin. Hence, I'd prefer going with the herbal facewash by Khadi Natural, when it comes to using it daily. Sometimes, it's hard NOT to scrub hard as a lot of us (including me) think that the black heads/dark spots are gonna go away, if we scrub our face throughly. I've tried that and it didn't work out well. So be VERY gentle while scrubbing your face with any scrub, but thanks to Khadi Natural, that this scrub is still gentle even if I did not do my scrubbing right at 1st. The best thing I like about this product is its radiant effect on the face and the fact that it is still gentle inspite of being a facewash + scrub kinda product. Would still recommend people to NOT use it on a daily basis, though, as it may damage the skin due to over-application. Not suitable for people with dryness and sensitivity (of skin) issues.


After using chemical included products this face wash was just a excellent perfomance. Like it very much! I fell in love in KHADI products. My first order i was just happy to use it daily. Smooth silky skin after few days of using. Recommend try it.


A fantastic face wash, for oily skin specially. It gives your skin an instant natural glow and has a wonderful fragnance too. I have used any of the Khadi products for the first time but i am loving this one. Will recommend it to every person out there looking for a nice face product. Also, thank you Khadi India for timely delivery and a great product.


Following are the Pros:
1. Very Mild
2. Chemical free, no paraben no SLS
3. Does not break out the skin
4. Suits all skin types
Following are the Cons:
1. The scrub particles, however, are a concern as constant use may or may not affect the sensitive skin area. Also scrubbing is not advised on daily use basis.

As a whole I have not faced any problems, so a must use product. :)


Its a relly very very good product . it works very well.

Viral Shah

Its very mild scrub softly cleanse your skin and gives skin refreshing feel. Its 100% natural product and its very effectively to use after one day as it have scrubbing property.

I am a big fan of Khadi naturals.. Thanks to Khadi...


chemical free and it has scrubbing action too. only thing is daily use may result into a dry face.


Its very mild scrub softly cleanse ur skin and gives skin refreshing feel.


The scrub gives an instant glow after the use and smells great too! I would recommend it over any other face scrub in the market.


Khadi Aloe vera Face Wash with Scrub is suitable for oily skin type prone to acne. This face wash should be used as a scrub, but not more than twice a week because daily use of these exfoliating beads and nut shell might be abrasive for your skin.

For full review click:


Awesome face wash. Just a small amount gives lather and leaves your skin clean. Smells good too.


its one of my favorite product...luvd becomes extra smooth n soft..thank u khadi natural..


I have started using khadi products from past year and I have not turned to any other brand ever since. AloeVera facewash is one of my favorite product. 100% Refreshing. Keep up the good work and please don't deteriorate your quality ever. This is my favorite brand and I wish to see more products.


Its really a good product. It give natural cleanness and leave the skin soft and clear.
I am again re-ordering this product.


superb cleansing


Go for it


effective face wash which i never seen goo to use it
best results

happy user

i have combination skin and never experienced any breakout using this product. It doesnot dry out youor skin either. The scrub particles are mild enough. Plus no sls or parabens! love this product


really good cleanser for oily skin with black & white heads. suited my skin perfectly.


Best face wash ihv ever used. Scrub is very gentle


I have just started using khadi face wash which has scrub particles. It is a good cleanser but I fear if using it daily twice will cause any damage to skin due to scrub particles....I wish the scrub particles were a bit finer in texture to avoid any damage to the delicate facial skin due to daily use. Otherwise, it is a good product and leaves skin clean and smooth.


its really gives nautrally cleaness

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